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TOPIC: The courses also seem to be balanced

The courses also seem to be balanced 2 months 2 weeks ago #130091

The courses also seem to be balanced, actually. Even the paid one isn't needed to have fun, it is just different. And the WOW TBC Classic Gold Living World updates are a lot of fun

My friend told me to play WoW with himand I chose to give it a try. And fairly certain we hit the"that you need to grind for quite a while or get X people to help you" wall. I got him into GW2, rather

I went and it was okay to begin with. I ended up at a pursuit that took me into a dungeon and I had to stop as I needed to lfg to get to it, and if I got the guild to cheap WOW TBC Gold combine they had been too over levelled and one shot everything.
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